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"Working with Holly Thuma was a life changing experience. Her enthusiasm and passion for the art is unlike any other teachers' I know. Her warm ups, vowel/tongue charts and exercises are incredibly valuable and fun too! It's a huge honor and gift to work with her!"  NATHAN SALSTONE, Carnegie Mellon School of Drama

"Holly was the teacher that not only challenged me to understand the power of my own voice, but required me to use that power and expect nothing short of excellence from myself. She taught me the deafening strength of silence."   MACLAIN WHELAN DESSATTI, BFA Syracuse University

"I worked with Holly for a semester on dialects for the stage. As a teacher, Holly is thorough, organized, knowledgeable. Far beyond that, Holly is engaging and precise in her approach. She offers the actor pragmatic and accessible ways into the material at hand. Holly emphasizes the importance of synthesizing technique with spontaneity, which is most valuable in any professional rehearsal room. She is open and available to her students and provides the support and confidence needed to embody the work. When working on an Italian dialect for an audition, Holly worked outside of class time with me and gave me to tools I needed to ultimately book the role! Holly's knowledge combined with her personalized coaching approach make her a wonderful teacher, coach, and person with which to work!" COLLEEN PULAWSKI, Carnegie Mellon School of Drama

"Holly changed my thoughts on acting entirely. Her passion for theatre and helping young actors, who want to find the same love she has for the craft, is inexplicable.  I am one of many students she has helped and guided."

RUFFIN PRENTISS, MFA Rutgers, BA Theatre Arts UPitt

"Working with Holly was nothing short of a life-changing experience.  The unwavering faith that she had in my abilities as an actress gave me the confidence and strength I needed to break out of my comfort zone and find new depth in my work. With kindness, empathy, and passion, Holly challenged me and I completely changed the way in which I work.”  HANNAH DALY,  Syracuse University School of Drama

When I first started in Holly Thuma’s class I had a lot of tension in my body that prevented me from being emotional available as an actor, and finding my natural, healthy voice. The tension lay in my shoulders, as well as in my jaw. Holly used tremor work and neck cradling to help relieve this tension, and create an open channel so my natural voice could flow through. The difference in my body and voice after tremoring was absolutely remarkable. Not only was my voice stronger and healthier, but I was also able to relieve much of the tension in my body that I had never gotten rid of before. This allowed me to work on material in an open and available way. Working with Holly truly changed the way I view myself as an Actor, and the way I look at and approach new material. She gave me new tools and exercises necessary for breaking down and developing new material, and encouraged me to explore more then one option or choice so that I knew I was making the best one. She is tough and won't let you off the hook when she knows you are trying to pull one over on her, but she is also extremely compassionate and truly wants what is best for you, these are the qualitIes you can only find in the best teachers. Working with Holly Thuma was one of the greatest experiences I have had thus far as an Actor and I still use and cherish everything she has taught me today.  LILA COOGAN, Syracuse University School of Drama.