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One of Pittsburgh Post Gazette's noteworthy productions of the year


"Thoughtful, solidly mounted and well acted...Holly Thuma directs with a thoughtful hand that focuses attention on both the issues and their human dimension. She has assembled a first rate cast to do the job."  Alice Carter, Tribune Review



"Holly Thuma directed with a precision and a clarity that is refreshing. And her fine cast helps define Friel's wish for a strong Irish consciousness."  Richard Rauh, Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Millennium Approaches

by Tony Kushner


 “…Thuma moves the play brilliantly…she never loses sight of her essential duty to tell a story.   Ted Hoover, City Paper


Interview with Chris Rawson,

senior theatre critic for the Post Gazette:



Dancing at Lughnasa

by Brian Friel


Holly Thuma recognized as a top director in 2006 by Chris Rawson and the Post Gazette theatre critics


"Along with her work on ensemble, Thuma gets everyone to focus intently, allowing us to merge with this self-contained world, wherein we may just find something of ourselves, as well.”  Chris Rawson, Pittsburgh Post Gazette



The Recruiting Officer

by George Farquhar


Director Holly Thuma maintains a quick pace throughout with injections of swordplay.  She also ensure that the actors distinguish themselves with proper style and wit as well as accomplished renderings of the text.”  Alice Carter, PittsburghTribune-Review


“…Thuma's production fills the theater with live music (composed and arranged by Douglas Levine). The show is also gorgeous, with yummy period costumes…its satire can cut close to the bone…”   Michelle Pilecki, City Paper


“Director Holly Thuma has made a triumphant return to the Pitt Repertory Theatre to direct "The Recruiting Officer…the comedy is nonstop" Pitt News


“The show’s clarity obviously owes a great deal to Thuma…” Chris Rawson, PPG